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Anjal Binayak

Web Developer | ML Enthusiast

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I grind Html with Css weld them with php to create beautiful and efficient websites

Latest Projects

Equation Of Bisector Finder

Js - Equation Of Bisector Finder

Actually I love mathematics. So the day i was taught about equation of bisector in class, i build it with js on my own by applying bisector formula. It was made out of my curiosity. I still remember the formula 😂

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Programmers Proposal To Girlfriend

Js - Programmer Proposal Using Js / Css (animation)

I made this simple project in 2017 for my girlfriend when she was mad 😉


Try it Editor

Js - Try It Editor (Html Css Js Editor Live)

This is a live Html , Css Js Interpreter. I tried to make something like try it editor in w3schools. Additionally it also allows you to save code in your machine


Messenger App

Php Ajax - Live Messaging App

This app allows you to send messages between two users (Admin , End User) . Admin can join chat , leave chat , put busy status. Even Block & Unblock the End User


project name

Js - Proposal Form (BS4 & Js)

This is a savage proposal form . This was just my fun project. By the way , idk who the heck is Sophiya 😋😋


Some Awesome Github's Project

Face Mask Detection Python

Face Mask Detection system built with OpenCV, Keras/TensorFlow using Deep Learning and Computer Vision concepts in order to detect face masks in static images as well as in real-time video streams.


covid19Nepal React

This is a stats website made with react . It provides stats of number of confirmed corona cases , recovered and deaths.


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Work Experience

Developer - crystal solutions (2019 - Present)

I work with php zendframework . I currently work on CrystalSchoolErp